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The Truth Alliance is a new network of civil society organisation’s across both Nigeria and Niger who have come together to expose the truth behind how violent and extremist groups draw young people into their ranks.

We believe the time has come to tell the truth about the traps, the tricks, the lies and the deceit that are used to draw them in.

We want people to think for themselves about this truth, to realise if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Our campaign is about the real stories of real people who survived these groups and our campaign tells those stories through the voices of friends and family.

Join us, help us and stop others from falling for the trap.

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Our Press Releases

13 June

Truth Alliance Radio Talk Show Tackles Boko Haram Recruitment Strategies

In a continued effort to shed light on and expose the tactics of terrorist groups amid the ongoing fight against Boko Haram in the Northeast, Neem Foundation, a member of the Truth Alliance, sponsored a radio talk show as part of the “Time to Tell the Truth” campaign in Maiduguri. In a press statement issued […]


5 June

Neem Foundation and Hedayah Train Civil Society Organizations in Northeastern Nigeria on Supporting Families to Counter Violent Extremism.

The Northeastern part of Nigeria has faced significant challenges due to Boko Haram activities and other terrorist organizations, which have led to displacement, destabilization of local security issues, and exposure of constant danger for communities. Many families in the region have members who have either joined or are susceptible to radicalization, potentially turning them into […]


28 May

Carnage Caused by Boko Haram – Words of Affected Communities Trying To rebuild Their Lives

The Truth Alliance, unwavering in its commitment to truth and justice, sheds light on the deceptive narrative propagated by Boko Haram. Moncef Kartas, Head of Office and Stabilization at UNDP Nigeria led delegation recently visited the North East, revealing critical insights that challenge Boko Haram’s claims. The visit has once again exposed the truth about […]

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Time to Tell the Truth

Made up of real survivors and real-life stories, this campaign will expose the tactics and tricks violent groups use and the traps set to draw people into their ranks. Every survivor’s tale is a story of personal betrayal, tragedy and often death. They all speak of the lies told and lives lost, of families broken apart, friends gone and dreams crushed. Week after week we will add to the stories and reveal more and more from those who were there, from those whose who once fell for the trap.

Set them free with the truth

Zaynab Kyari's Story - English

Bukar's Story - English Version

Bukar's Story - Hausa Version

Radio Programme (Hausa)