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The Truth Alliance is a new network of civil society organisations across both Nigeria and Niger who have come together to expose the truth behind how violent and extremist groups draw young people into their ranks.

We believe the time has come to tell the about the traps, the tricks, the lies and the deceit that are used to draw them in.

We want people to think for themselves about this truth, to realise if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

Our campaign is about the real stories of real people who survived these groups and our campaign tells those stories through the voices of friends and family.

Join us, help us and stop others from falling for the trap.
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The Pledge

“We the undersigned have come together because we feel that the time has come to tell the truth about life inside the groups who recruit our young people to join their violent ranks.

With hundreds abandoning them every day, we now know what life was really like inside, what truths were kept from those who joined, what freedoms were removed, how thought was punished, dreams were crushed and hope abandoned.

We welcome every survivor into our family, where we work every day to get them back into their communities and back into the support of their families, where hope can return and life begin again.

We praise those brave survivors who have chosen to tell their tale.

We now know how life outside, no matter how tough, beats death inside.

 Our pledge is to work together until no one person falls into their trap ever again.

As every parent, friend, brother or sister knows, if it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

It’s time to tell the truth.”
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